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warme welkom

TANTRIC DANCE samen met Tim of Linda
ma 6 mei
do 30 mei
do 27 juni

telkens van 19u-22u
35 euro



Masterworkshop Patricia Bardi 18 en 19 mei 10-16u of stuur een berichtje op 0473/675251. Dit gaat door in mijn praktijk Verbindingsweg 82, Lievegem (Lovendegem, 20 minuten van Gent) Alvast heel warme welkom ❤️


Interfacing creative practice and integrative somatic movement, voice, and bodywork 
Patricia Bardi 
Founder of Voice Movement Integration (VMI), 
Somatic Practice Certification Program accredited by ISMETA, 
based on 40 years of research and development 
“Patricia Bardi was a major person in the early development of BMC from 1973 - 1986. She took the seeds and grew her own forest.” 
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen - founder of Body-Mind Centering 
Date: Sat 18 & Sun 19 May ‘24 in Lievegem, Belgium - 15 minutes from Gent 
Time: 10 am to 16:00 
Cost: €180- euros – for the weekend workshop 
Our body is the vehicle for bringing vocal resonance, color, and tone into a whole-body movement experience. Developing our breath awareness through actively moving in space engages our body awareness and strengthens our vocal presence. This builds a dynamic, inspired dialogue between our voice and movement and enhances the development of our creative expression, bodily awareness, and communication skills. 
The weekend workshop focuses on different aspects of VMI Somatic Practice that incorporate Active Breath, embodied anatomy, sensory awareness, movement in space and hands-on bodywork. Improvisation structures combining voice and movement are introduced to amplify creativity in an interactive ensemble experience. 
The workshop is for anyone who is curious and interested to know about the Voice Movement (VMI) Integration Somatic Practice approach. 
Fresh, new material will be presented for people who are returning for another VMI EXPERIENCE! 
Come join us for the day! 
What People Are Saying: 
“I felt that this method/way of seeing the connection between body and voice as different “devices”, but interconnected as extensions of the Self, that they can help and follow each other in an infinite dialogue; has been a complete EXPERIENCE. After the workshop, I feel much more connected to my core, connected to my breath, body and voice as tools-souls I can use to explore my creativity.” ~ Sofia Alonso Wilson – journalist, writer and sings ~ 
For further information to register for the weekend workshop and details about the new revised VMI Somatic Practice Program please contact us at: Email - -


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